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Rainy Days in the Isles

Although most people dream of having sunny, 85 degree weather everyday, it sure is nice to have a break in the sunny routine with a few days of stormy weather.  I sure do love some sunshine, but a little variety is always welcome!  


You can usually count on a stormy week in January every year, but we’ve missed out on any good rainfalls in South Maui the last few years.  I love when it rains here because everything turns a vibrant green that just screams life and growth!  The longer we live here, the more I appreciate the beauty of the rain. 


This last week’s storm brought amazingly huge swells and beautiful rainbows – it was truly one of the most beautiful weeks I think I have ever experienced in my (almost) 10 years of living on Maui.  Here are a few favorite highlights from these rainy days


                                                          Turtle Bay

blog - scout ho'okipa



blog - ho'okipa break


                                                          Peahi (Jaws)

blog - jaws


                                       Rainbow Hale (hale is home in Hawaiian)

blog - rainbow hale


                                                          Rainy Day Selfie
                               thoroughly enjoying wearing my rainy weather faves :)


blog - raincoat

No Crease Hair Ties

brown chevron ties blog

These little guys are my new favorite thing.  So cute, so functional and actually work!  I have super fine, super straight hair and even if I put my hair up for 5 minutes, I would get a big, ugly dent.  But not anymore! These new no crease hair ties really do leave your hair perfect – I can even sleep with my hair in a ponytail all night and my hair is perfect the next day. Unbelievable! 
 I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere, as they are super “hip” this season.  Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21… and yes, Salty Kisses and Sandy Toes!  I have a unique line of premium, hand made, no crease hair ties.  Unique color combinations that include fancy glitter and lace ties too!  You can see the whole collection here at my Etsy Store – saltyandsandy.etsy.com
Make sure you check out my Valentine’s Day collection – Limited Edition 3 packs of my no crease hair ties – they are on special right now where you can purchase and ship a set all for under $10!small ties blog 2

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Starfish Beach Decor

blog starfish clips

 As everyone knows, I have quite the obsession with starfish.  I have starfish all over my house and they are definitely my most favorite thing to create new items with.  I recently got a supply of mini knobby starfish that are just SO CUTE. 


They add a whimsical and sweet touch to so many projects.  From re-purposed wood framed starfish to starfish hair clips – I’m having a hard time not hoarding all of these news creations for myself! 

starfish headbands blog                                    Check out more beachy items in my ETSY SHOP!

Vintage Linen Beach Blanket

beach blanket 1

I love re-purposing vintage linens into something functional - here’s a fun vintage beach blanket that I made with a combination of new and old fabrics.  The brown and cream geometric print is a vintage bed sheet that I got at a garage sale and the blue and white fabric I purchased here on island  - I liked it because it was kind of a modern take on the traditional Hawaiian print. 

For an easy DIY gift, I just laid these out on the floor and folded and pinned the excess vintage fabric over the blue printed fabric to make a fun border.  Then I just added a little blue accent on the vintage side to tie it all together and make it have a fun little surprise!

Keep your eye out for fun vintage fabrics - You never know when you’ll be inspired to create something!

beach blanket 2a

beach blanket 3a

DIY Nautical Dresser

nautical dresser after

This little dresser had been sitting in the garage for over a year waiting for me to get enough inspiration to work on it! Marshall was convinced that I had forgotten about this piece and that it was safe to move it into the crawl space… Of course just a few days later I asked “where did that black dresser go?” Never underestimate my DIY motivation on summer break!

Since I hate sanding, I decided to just paint over the existing black paint with white paint on the drawers and sea foam green on the rest of the dresser. I had initially wanted to try my hand at a herringbone stencil on the drawers BUT after the first coat of white paint I realized that all original plans would need to be… adjusted to say the least! All the paint bubbled underneath and left this ugly, lumpy finish… That’s what I get for skipping sanding :(

New plan! Painted some blue stripes and then sanded the heck out of the whole piece to distress it. It came out this really interesting combo with the stripes and the black coming through… Although it slightly looks like a cow to me! The black and white spots… Did I start a new trend? Nautical Dairy? Well whatever it’s called I love it and I’m so glad to finally have it finished and out if the garage!

Check out the before!

nautical dresser before

A Blog is Born


I wanted to make a beach sign for the garage to hang above where we put all our beach towels. I had seen these wooden signs selling for a fortune in “beach” stores with surfboard prints or “this way to the beach” text on it, selling for over $80! YIKES!  I just knew I could recreate it for a fraction of the price.  As usual, I grossly underestimated how long it would take to finish this project, specifically hand painting the letters.  I thought this was going to be a 1 hour project - but it was more like 3-4.  But I just brought the sign up into my living room and watched a few episodes of GLEE while I painted.


Sidenote, the combination of GLEE and DIY is wonderful - 2 things that put a big smile on my face!  And when they’re combined, they equal a wonderful afternoon! Has anyone seen the GLEE 3D movie? We ordered it through our NETFLIX and I watched it TWICE within 24hrs.  I’m such a dork. I loved every second of it!

I finished this sign the day we had some Canadian guests visit for the weekend, Aaron and Amy Castle.  They are old friends from university and it was so amazing to catch up with them both.  We had a blast together and they gave me the kick in the butt I needed to start this blog.  I had been thinking about starting a DIY blog with all my projects for awhile, but never got around to it.  Aaron and Amy have an amazing food blog - www.thearugulacastle.com - and have starting their own catering company in Calgary.  They encouraged us to start the blog and use the sign as inspiration! Thanks for the encouragement guys - now we can follow each other’s creations!

If you want to buy one of these beauties for yourself, head on over to my ETSY shop where I have them for sale!

French Provincial Perfection

french provincial dresser

This dresser was another craigslist score.  I knew it was the exact dresser I was looking for so I quickly emailed the seller and then spent the next hour full of anxiety wondering if it had already sold!  I swear I refreshed the craigslist ad 50 times to make sure it was still for sale!

Luckily I happened to be the first one to email the seller and fate would have it that he was only a few blocks from our house, so took the truck over and loaded up this beauty!  Now it wasn’t looking so great at first as it had clearly been sitting in the garage for a few years. But I knew this dresser had the bones for something really beautiful! And really it didn’t take much for her to be transformed -   some cleaning, a little sanding and some white paint and look at the difference!  

Just goes to show you how simple transformations really can be if you know what to look for!  I need to finish the gray detailing on the drawers but I’m really pleased with how quickly this piece was transformed into something, I think, is really special!

Check out the Before!

french prov before

Scout Turns 1

scout june13a

Happy Birthday Scout!  Today our hairy baby turns 1!  Oh how much you’ve changed our lives in just 1 year!  We can’t even imagine our home without a dog now - chewed up toys, the smell of kibble, the daily hunt for missing shoes and your exuberant greeting every day!  How we love our PWD!

Sea Fan and Stripes

sea fan a

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My parents were in Barbado’s last year during a tropical storm and they went down to the beach the next morning and it was littered with sea fan’s!  Oh my, how crazy I would have gone if I was there myself! JACKPOT! Thankfully, my parents know me oh so well and picked out a BEAUTIFUL large sea fan for me.  How they managed to get a 28inch sea fan from Barbados to Hawaii was definitely tricky but they figured it out.  Out of all the projects I’ve done, this one is probably my favourite!  It is so beautiful to me - the fan, the colours, the fact that it cost under $20 to make and most importantly that Marshall and I made everything together… DIY perfection.  Read more for the full DIY.


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Seabury Hall Craft Fair Sneak Peek


Next week will be my first big craft fair!  I’m so excited and I’ve been busy busy making all of my creations for the big day!  I am loving everything I’m making so much I’m having a hard time think about selling it!  I guess that’s a good sign though… it means every piece is truly unique and created with lots of love!

The theme is “vintage life by the sea” - where every item for sale is vintage and or re-purposed.  From the antique lace appliques made into headbands to re-purposed antique frames displaying sand dollars and sea urchins.   I’m also launching an etsy store at the same time as the fair so keep an eye out for that! Here are a few pictures for a sneak peek into what’s going to be up for sale!


Scout Goes to Work

scout work 1

Portuguese Water Dogs are considered “working” dogs - and although I knew that meant that Scout would have lots of energy that needed to be honed into something productive… what I didn’t know was that it would mean that she is quite serious about work too!

I recently got Scout a doggie backpack so she can carry some weight on her when we go for hikes and walks. She can carry a few water bottles which will lighten our load and help us tire her out.

We went up to the Haleakala Crater last weekend and we decided to put her new backpack on to give it a test run and let her get used to it What we didn’t expect was that Scout misunderstood this trial run and decided that this was her “work backpack” - she was on a mission! Once that backpack goes on Scout is all business full of purpose! She has this little extra pep in her step and she stands so tall and proud! Its adorable. Look at this proud Portie standing on the top of the mountain!
Here we are at 10,000 feet and Scout is certainly enjoying the cool, crisp mountain air!

scout work 2

She got so much attention from all the tourists and even the park rangers up there! We even had a man who rolled down his window and started yelling “poochie poochie poochie” and whistling to try to get Scout’s attention! She is definitely hard to miss with her “can do attitude!”